There is a saying which goes, “If online cricket id winning isn’t everything, why do they keep the score” Now this throws up lots of interesting questions and brings to light some very interesting observations. Keeping the score or should we say keeping the online cricket score, in view of today’s fast and ever changing world, is done meticulously in very sport. Cricket being a sport and a team game is no exception to the other games, so you can find people keeping scores of a match being played anywhere. Cricket is known as the game of gentleman since the very beginning, so this quote is more intriguing for the game. Now my take on this is, no matter how gentlemanly you are in your life, one need to win some things and also lose certain things, so keeping the score!
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Does this sound excuse sound feeble and unreasonable? Well trust me, I have been trying and thinking for a long time and that’s the only explanation I could come up with. Cricket is a game that involves lots of thrill, excitement and energy. Now anyone that is watching the game will undoubtedly wish to see a winner at the end of the day, and probably that is why we have people keeping online cricket score. You must be wondering why I keep emphasizing on someone keeping Online cricket score and not simple cricket score. The answer is simple; today all you get to see is online cricket score and not simply just the score. The advancements which have been made in the fields of science and technology have made things easily accessible for the public. Everything these days is online, so its online cricket score and not just simple score or cricket score. Online cricket score is that cricket score which one gets to see in the online sites. The web has lots of site that are dedicated towards cricket, in fact there is an overpopulation of such sites. For the professional who is busy in doing his day to day work and does not manage to squeeze in time to watch the game, online cricket score. That is in fact the perfect source for them to know about the proceedings that are happening in a live game being played somewhere. Understandable it is not possible all the time to keep track of a live match on the television or on the field. So the next best option is undoubtedly toe online sites that give latest online cricket score of the match for fans. By now I have a feeling that maintaining online cricket score is for a different purpose all together. Everyone has become so busy these days that they hardly find any time to indulge in doing things they love to do. So the online cricket score has come as a means for cricket fans to enjoy the game that they love and yet do their daily work without too much of a bother. Well perhaps that is why they keep online cricket score of all the matches.