It’s been a few years since many of us first remember getting water heater blanket insulation reviews coming out in the 1970’s when saving energy was brought to the mainstream population. Soon they were as familiar as eight track tape players. But can they work for us now? Do they really help save money on the utility bill?

To understand what an insulation blanket can do, you have to understand what a heater for you home use really is. A heater is essentially a holding tank for warmed water waiting to be used. When you use any of the hot water, it comes directly out of the tank; it is replaced with cold water. Even if you don’t use any of the hot water, the water in the tank is still heated to a preset temperature, usually around 140 degrees F. Energy is used keeping the water hot and the energy is escaping out to the colder air that is around the tank.  pvc blanket heaters

Most heaters that are less than ten years old have at least some insulation. A water heater blanket consists of insulation that is encased in a plastic sheet that has an “R” value rating. R-11 is recommended for a water heater blanket. Installation is easy as most come with tape and straps. Costs run between $10 and $30.

So, do they work? The Energy Center in Iowa says a water heater insulation blanket that is installed properly can reduce the loss of energy by between 25 percent and 45 percent. That means if you spend around $30 per month for hot water you can really rack up some savings. That doesn’t mean you will save 45 percent of $30 every month because you still have to keep the water heated in the tank that is constantly being replaced when it is used. But you should recoup your investment in the blanket in a very short period of time.