Training Bulldog Puppies

Bulldogs French bulldog for sale have to be one of the oldest, most elite, pedigree breeds of dogs in modern day society. Since way back in the 1500s, Bulldogs have been a symbol of England, being generally brave, stoic and strong-willed. Hence, training a bulldog pup is usually a bit of a chore if your puppy is particularly pig-headed or inquisitive in your house.

Choosing Your Puppy

When choosing your Bulldog pup, be aware just how much general characteristics and traits make up this breed. Bulldogs are prone to numerous health problems, starting from the moment they’re born with a high rate of mortality. Pick out a puppy that’s not less than 8 weeks of age, is not at all aggressive and has a friendly nature. Ensure it’s in excellent condition with your vet, as there are a number of puppy-related health conditions that your bulldog puppy might have, especially with its ears or nose.

Training should commence from the moment your puppy is brought home, but, only if your dog is old enough and has had ample opportunity for socialization. If your puppy isn’t 10 weeks old, or it’s not been properly socialized with children, adults and other pets,especially dogs, be sure you do this as soon as possible to prevent the development of any unnecessary aggression issues.

Bulldog Puppy Training

When your puppy is old enough, start training with basic housetraining or house-breaking. Bulldogs can often be especially stubborn when young, so it’s strongly recommended that you utilize crate training from the start, and that you are home as much of the time as possible during house breaking. It will take a little longer than normal to complete the process of housebreaking, but once your puppy is broken, you will find that he is very careful never to make a mess in his home. Once you’ve established the basics, start creating an environment where you are the obvious and un-challenged alpha pack leader. Train your puppy not to nip or bite, using toys and a whining noise to indicate that it hurts. Don’t let your puppy jump on the furniture and never allow it to sleep in your bed. The crate should be used as often as possible in these first months at home as you stretch out how long your puppy stays in there.

Bulldog puppy training ought to move into the obedience phase somewhere between 3 and 6 months with concentration on simple commands like lie down, sit, stay, come (when called), wait, learning how to focus on you, and not pulling on the leash.

You will discover that a Bulldog can be quite skilled at tuning in to these cues, but may not initially want to follow your lead owing to its stubborn nature.

Using Bulldog Puppy Training to Protect Them

Because of their inborn curiosity and plucky nature, a bulldog puppy will try and explore as much of its home and the great outdoors as possible. Train them early never to chase vehicles, to stop and wait at the curb and to make sure they never run away from you when out in public. Never take a bulldog off its lead until you can be certain it’s going to return when called and that it won’t run too faraway from you. The dangers are generally higher with Bulldogs than they are with many other small dog breeds

Proper Bulldog puppy training may appear somewhat harder than normal when you first bring home your new little buddy, but in the end you will find that Bulldogs are amongst the most loyal, attentive dogs you could ever own. They will stay stubbornly by your side, following your commands and staying clean indoors. But, only if you introduce the rules early on and make sure they follow your instructions not just for a while, but always.