Preethi WG 907 Wet Grinder Price in India - Buy Preethi WG 907 Wet Grinder  online at Flipkart.comTormek’s new T7 is the latest in a line of widely acclaimed sharpening systems. The grinder is well made and will take years of hard use wet grinder. The system comes with a squaring jig, this holds your blades automatically squared to the grinding wheel. Chisels and plane blades are attached with their backs flat against a large reference surface, this then prevents rocking or tipping once the jig is tightened down. Included with the system is Tormek’s new truing and dressing Tool TT-50.

The TT-50 is Tormek’s latest stone truing tool and will make getting a flat parallel surface a simple and quick task. The truing and dressing tool comes in the T7 sharpening system and if like me you have an earlier Tormek system you can also use the TT-50 on the existing Universal Support, but setting up the cut is more difficult. However Tormek advise you to retrofit the latest Universal Support with Micro Adjust.

The Tormek T7 system has a slow running speed which will give you full control over your blades that are being ground. The low running speed and heavy wheel also reduces noise and vibration, giving a smoother grind and so a sharper blade.

As the grinding and sharpening system utilizes water cooling (wet grinding – the grinding wheel rotates in a tray of water), there is no risk of overheating or burning the edges of your blades and drawing the temper from them. Honing and polishing is carried out on another leather honing wheel. The leather honing wheel needs to be lubricated with a grinding pasteOne of the must-have appliances in a kitchen is a wet grinder. Powered by electricity, this appliance does a thorough job of mashing cereals and pulses into a batter that is used to prepare a variety of dishes. In the days gone by, women used to manually grind the batter. They would use two stones – a large cylindrical one with a hole at the center and another oval-shaped stone. They would put in the rice and dal in the hole and keep rotating the oval-shaped stone till the grains were mashed. It was a time-consuming process, which was very exhausting for the women. The designing of the kitchen grinder made it more convenient for women to prepare batter at home.

This modern innovation made use of the same set of stones, but reversed the technique. A motor was used to rotate the bottom cylindrical stone and keep the oval stone stationary, chained to a support. A cylindrical drum was placed atop the stone, so the batter would not fly out during the grinding process. The steel drum also made it easy to scoop out the batter after the grinding was done. Initially, this conventional grinder was heavy and required a lot of floor space.

With technological advances, this kitchen appliance too saw a sea change. The heavy parts were replaced with lightweight counterparts. The single stone at the center was replaced by three smaller stones to give better grinding performance. Overall, the weight of the wet grinder was reduced and size made so small that this kitchen appliance could be placed atop a counter or a table. Thus, emerged the table top wet grinder.

In the earlier versions, one had to scoop out all the batter. This process was not only messy, but also took a lot of time. In the table top grinder, one can simply remove the stone and then tilt the drum to drain the batter into a vessel. This made it easier to clean and maintain the grinder.