Once in a while you will notice that your digital camera’s lens is so filled with smudges that the quality of your images is beginning to get affected. If you are especially new to photography or you spent a fortune to acquire you camera, you will definitely be afraid of touching the lens for fear that you will scratch it and expense yourself in making a replacement. All you need to do is to learn a few simple tips on cleaning your camera’s lens.

One thing most camera owners don’t realize is that cleaning the camera’s lens is something that needs to be done on a regular basis since its part of your camera’s maintenance regime. Even though great care needs to be taken when you are doing the cleaning, this is still something you can comfortably do on your own. However, remember that the best time to clean your camera’s lens is when it has become dirty since handling the lens every day will end up doing more harm than good.

One of the best things you can do to ensure your lens is safe is to invest in a filter and make sure it is kept in place all the time. This is especially important if you have a high end filter that could be too expensive to replace, so that if there is any cleaning to be done, you will only be cleaning the filter. You can also invest in lens hoods and lens caps for the front end and back end of your lens.

The lens cleaning fluid if the first thing you need to acquire as a careful camera owner. This fluid quickly lifts smudges and finger prints without leaving any marks on the lens or filter. The secret is to remember to always use a small drop or two and always use a cleaning tissue working gently in a circular motion. There is also the alternative of breathing on the lens before wiping with a cloth since some cleaning fluids come with harsh chemicals that are not too safe.

Nowadays you will find some good microfiber cleaning sigma camera lens prices cloth which works better than the ordinary cleaning cloth. Even though they are washable, they do a perfect job in lifting oils and dust with ease from the camera lens. Your only guarantee that it will work well for you is to make sure it the cloth is kept clean by washing regularly; other camera owners prefer to buy a new one every time they want to clean since it is affordable anyway.

You can also try using blowers, which should be found in most camera stores; you need to work extra carefully especially when blowing towards the inside of the camera. These blowers can do a great job cleaning the camera on the outside as well as the lens. It is important to remember to always squeeze the blower a few times before using it on your camera so as to blow away any dust it may be having on the inside. Finally, if there is so much dust and particles on your lens, you could try using some special brushes to gently get them off.


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