Kissing passionately embodies an expression of love and compassion. Once you truly enjoy your partner nothing speaks volumes like a passionate kiss. The kiss becomes a reflection of that emotion.

A significant factor to learn is not just how to kiss, but to kiss passionately and it starts with understanding how to read someone’s body language and making eye contact. Most people believe you are expected to close your eyes the entire time you’re kissing. This is not always true as I will explain a little later on. Their is so many different opinions on the correct or right way to kiss, but if your expressing yourself with a tender and gentle kiss that leads-into a really passionate kiss. Then you really can’t go wrong.

Kissing is one of the most pleasing moments someone can find themselves in. The kissing process can go in many different directions, so knowing what to do is very apk 918kiss download  important. When you are in a loving relationship, sharing a passionate kiss with your partner is just about the best feeling in the world. When that special kiss takes place, you find your emotions and thoughts in a whole new part of your mind. Kissing can come unexpectedly. You might not know when it’s going to happen, but if you’re prepared it makes all the difference.

Here are a few tips on how to kiss passionately.

1. Butterfly kisses: Kissing along the cheek and then slowly moving your head into a position so that your eyelashes are brushing across their cheek.

2. When kissing have your lips slightly a part and press every so gently against their lips. Slightly angle your head to one side to avoid bumping noses.

3. Kissing isn’t confined to lips only. Meaning you don’t have to only kiss on the lips to make it passionate. You can kiss other parts of the face and neck. Just remember to relax and don’t force the kiss. Let it happen naturally.

4. Now as for your eyes being open or closed just keep them open every so slightly in tell you make actual lip contact. This way you don’t completely miss and start kissing their chin or ear. Not that kissing their chin or ear is wrong, in fact its great, but if your going for a kiss on the lips, its just that. A kiss the lips. Then once your kissing, go ahead and start kissing other parts of the face slowly and gently.

Once you begin kissing keep your eyes closed so that you can get lost in the moment. Having your eyes wide open while kissing can look pretty scary, being that you’re so close to one another. This is not to say you should never open your eyes. Just make sure when you do open your eyes while kissing that your eyes open ever so slightly then slowly closing them again in tell the kiss is finished.