The Season 3 finale of The Boys, “The Instant White-Hot Wild,” forgoes the usual television spot cold open and reconnects Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) with his father. As a lonely Ryan throws baseballs into the outer hemisphere, Homelander (Antony Starr) swoops in to reconcile his relationship with his son. With the revelation that Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) is his father, Homelander’s dangerous individualism shifts to concern of carrying on his legacy, and introducing Ryan to Grandpa Soldier Boy is the first step in that direction. After Ryan reminds him of his mutilation of Stormfront (Aya Cash) in Season 2, Episode 8, Homelander assures an unconditional love for his son: “No matter what happens, no matter what you do, I will always be here.”

Outside Vought Tower, the political battleground between Annie’s (Erin Moriarty) and Homelander’s supporters reaches a tipping point. Courtesy of Annie’s Instagram Live testimonies exposing the truth about Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott)’s kidnapping, the Attorney General has obtained a search warrant. There are protesters from both sides stationed outside Vought Tower, with one side affirming their belief in Annie while the other expresses its passion for “God, Guns, and Homelander.” Meanwhile, Maeve is gassed in her solitary confinement cube. Vought attempts to relocate her, but Maeve breaks free and escapes.You can watch the boys season 3 free from 4khotvideos and that is the best websites to watch free movies online

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Soldier Boy prepare for the final frontier: to make their way to Vought Tower and take out Noir and Homelander. However, after the revelation that Homelander is technically his son, Soldier Boy has second thoughts about the mission. On the way to Vought, Butcher knocks out Hughie and leaves him in a gas station restroom in an attempt to spare him the fatal side effects of Temp-V that he neglected to tell him about. Annie picks up Hughie, and he rejoins the Butcher-less faction of the Boys. Maeve joins the crew as well, and the newly assembled resistance charts a course to Vought Tower to intercept Butcher and Soldier’s Boys potentially catastrophic plan to destroy Homelander (and cause a ton of collateral damage in the process)..”

Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) makes his return to Homelander and Vought Tower. He expresses the need to kill Soldier Boy. Homelander reveals to Noir that Soldier Boy is his father, and that he’s not sure that he wants to kill him. Soldier Boy asks Black Noir if he knew that Soldier Boy was his father. Black Noir replies with his trademark subtle nod. Upon this revelation, Homelander displays what is perhaps his most shockingly vulnerable expression thus far in the series. His face curls into an uncharacteristic pout, and he aggressively winces. This morphs into a brief, muted yet noticeable cry drenched in disbelief. Disbelief shifts to premeditated remorse as Homelander drives his fist through the chest of the most loyal member of the seven, ripping out Black Noir’s intestines as his entrails spill across the floor. As Black Noir takes his final breaths, he is seen out by Buster Beaver (Eric Bauza) and all of his animal friends. Buster reassures him: “Soon, you’ll be in the embrace of C-C-C-Christ the Lord!

Butcher, Soldier Boy, and Maeve confront Soldier Boy at Vought Studios. Soon after, the rest of the team arrives. Homelander tries to convince Soldier Boy not to fight to the death, and introduces him to Ryan. Soldier Boy expresses regret that he has missed so much, calling Homelander a disappointment as he strangles and attempts to kill him. As Soldier Boy revs up, Ryan lasers him, throwing him across the room. Soldier Boy retaliates, flinging Ryan into a shelf. As Soldier Boy begins to rev up to hurt Ryan, Butcher and Maeve begrudgingly realize what they have to do. Butcher lasers Soldier Boy. Homelander chimes in, and they both send Soldier Boy flying through the glass and into the news studio. For a moment, Butcher and Homelander lock eyes and fiercely marvel at the surreal nature of the unexpected team up. Yet they both intuitively realize that keeping Ryan safe is more important than their eternal battle of biblical proportions.

The following montage depicts a flurry of sweet finale action as The Boys’ ensemble cast engages in a series of all out brawls. Butcher and Soldier Boy duke it out in both hand-to-hand and eye-laser combat. M.M. and Annie enter the mix, with Annie activating her Starlight powers. Soldier Boy takes out Annie. Meanwhile, Maeve takes on Homelander, unleashing years of trauma on her former supe partner. Though she initially catches him off guard, Homelander gouges out her eye with his thumb. After infiltrating the lab, Frenchie and Kimiko encounter a slew of armed Vought grunts, which Kimiko elegantly slaughters to the (diegetic this time, as Kimiko loads up Voughtify and throws on her earbuds) tune of “Maniac” by Michael Sembello. The scene shows Kimiko finally at peace with her powers as she slams a guard’s head into the ground to the song’s upbeat 158BPM tempo. Kimiko makes her way up to the battleground of Vought Studios, yet Soldier Boy immediately takes her out.

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