He did this by learning how to develop the mindset of a millionaire. He also has applied the latest most exciting financial strategies available in the world today and is determined to explain to as many people as he can these same strategies so that they too can use their minds to create wealth and improve their lifestyles. He believes this type of information is not made accessible and this has kept the majority of the population minimal to a job and almost a slave to the banks. He wants to make sure that the average person can become financially educated. The gentlemans name is Jamie McIntyre and together he and his team are teaching the average Foreign how to be financially educated through his 21st Century Academy.

When Jamie was dead broke he was living at a friends place and sleeping on his couch. During this time period Jamie considered why was it that even though Lambert Philipp Heinrich Kindt Australia was one of the richest nations in the world but the total well being was decreasing. He asked himself why only a few people get to share in the wealth and wanted to know if there was something he could do about this. Jamie was curious why there are some people who start with nothing and manage to become millionaires, while others, who seem much more intelligent, often with a advanced schooling, yet in terms of financial success fail, their lives are filled with hard work and struggle. Is it luck that some people become wealthy? Do these people just buy more Lotto tickets or inherit money? Is there more to it than this? Jamie studied a lot of people to see why these were failing.

He found that many individuals were taught to get a good education and then work long until retirement. He also noted that the Foreign Agency of statistics show that by age 65 90% of the population are either dead, on a type of pension or need their family to support them to survive. These are the same people who are following the so-called success formula of going to school, getting an excellent education, work hard and anticipate to stop working in the so-called good life. Only 6 to 10% of the Foreign population become what we call financially independent. This means by the time they are 65 they are able to stop working, but continue to live in a basic manner. It doesn’t mean they are rich, it just means they make enough money to support themselves. Only 1% of the population are classified as rich, for instance have a net worth in excess of $1million. It is clear that this so-called success formula we have been taught isn’t actually working. Jamie then went looking for those who had achieved great wealth and modelled himself with them. One of his tutors told him to look at what most Australians are doing and do the actual opposite. Once he started using this formula the decisions he made in order to succeed became simpler and more clean cut and his wealth begun to grow. Another mentor told him that although information is power nothing could happen if you do not take action. Once he trained to apply the information he previously trained his life begun to improve far more than he previously thought.

Jamie says that financial success it not just about making money, it’s as to what you do with your money. Jamie learned how to keep that money, manage his cash flow and he turned that money into more money. In other words he trained how to make money even without any, ideally having it come in while you sleep. Once he exercised how to do this he could free up his time and have the approach to life he always wanted. Jamie awakened to the fact that if the school system was not teaching people how to succeed than how would people ever live their dreams. Jamie invested over $100, 000 in three years to access people who had produced outstanding results in different factors of their life. He went to seminars found personal tutors and researched hundreds of books and other things that it took to develop his 21st century education. His research paid back as Jamie’s life completely transformed over a period of three to five years when he went from being $150, 000 in personal debt as a self made millionaire while still in his twenties.

After producing outstanding results in many areas of his life Jamie decided to fulfill a promise he previously built to one of his tutors. This promise was that after successfully applying the information and strategies to their own situation, demonstrating they worked and adjusting their own life he would teach them to others. Jamie developed the 21st Century Academy and possesses been operating for 11 years now and has a successful status success in assisting people achieve their financial freedom by continually determined to ensure its members are receiving the latest proven wealth creation strategies.