These days recycling is big, more people are taking up the idea every day either by choice or because some local councils are threatening to fine households who don’t put glass, metal or paper in the correct recycling bin. Recycling household rubbish has the main benefit of reducing the growth of landfill levels because they are filling up too quickly. The other benefit is saving energy. Recycling old mobile handsets has both of these benefits but also can make the recycler that little bit richer.

Most mobile phone users will renew their old handset every year to two years on average. This means that millions of handsets are either sold on, given away, stored indefinitely or thrown in the bin every year. To break this down further, it is definitely a good thing that old handsets are sold on or given away, this is the same as, if not better than recycling as maximum use is being gotten out of each mobile. Handsets that are stored indefinitely often end up this way as users who have just received their new upgrade from the phone company will keep their old phone as either a backup or because it has sentimental value. These old handsets are not worth keeping for long as they slowly begin to lose their value that recycling companies will pay for them. Handsets that are thrown away are the worst possible outcome for the end of a life of a handset. They contain lots of valuable components that by recycling saves resources.

To sell old mobile phone handsets to recycling companies is the easiest way to get rid while reclaiming some of the value. These companies specialise in the recycling, reuse, and reconditioning of old handsets. They buy almost any phone from anyone. Many of the phones are re-conditioned and then sold on to developing countries. Phones that are beyond repair are broken down into their components and recycled accordingly. Every mobile phone handset has a small amount of gold inside amongst other valuable minerals which can be recovered and recycled. The less valuable components are then either disposed of properly or recycled to be reused in anything from coats to building materials.

The process of recycling has been made very simple and has been broken down into these few steps. We buy mobile homes Firstly choose one of the many recycling companies out there such as Envirofone, Mobile Phone Xchange, Earth Mobile, Mopay, Fonebank, Love2Recycle or Money4urMobile. Next type in the model number of the handset to be recycled. This will show a quote of how much they will pay for a working model. Some will display a quote for a non-working model while others will say something like ‘up to 90%’ of the working price. Next choose a payment method, this is usually by cheque but some companies can pay by BACS bank transfer, Argos or Debenhams vouchers, PayPal, or donation to charity. Once selected and address forms have been filled in they will provide a freepost address to put upon an envelope in which to send off the old phone. Next post it then once they have received and checked the phone they will send the payment usually within 2 to 7 days.