All steel fabrication units need structural members and these must remain connected together with fasteners. We see that the use of these fasteners such as washers, nuts, and bolts makes a structure secure. During the manufacturing or assembly process, we need to make sure that we use the proper thing at the proper place.

Uses of nuts bolts and washers

There are many varieties of the nuts, bolts, and washers. The specifications have to remain verified from the High Tensile Bolt Nut and Washer Manufacturers before one begins the construction. Only those materials that pass the quality considerations will find use in the building of the structure.

Types of nuts

Nuts are the anchoring unit of the joint assembly. They come in various sizes and types. You can use three types of nuts.

High tensile nuts
Stud nuts
Hot dipped nuts
High tensile nuts are capable of withstanding more loads without failing. These find use in high-rise construction and manufacture of huge machinery. Stud nuts find use as fasteners for a variety of applications. Hot dipped nuts have the thickest coating on the metal so that they have superior corrosion resistance. You can get all these specifications from the and Nut Bolt Manufacturers before use in the construction. The various other types of nuts are High Strength Friction Grip Nuts, MS Nut, and zinc plated nuts.
Types of bolts

The bolts provide the strength to the joint. We make them according to use and location in the structure.

Foundation bolts
Hex bolts
MS bolts
Stud bolts
The J-bolts are J-shaped fasteners that have threads on the flat bolts  They often find use in building construction for fastening the walls to the concrete foundation. For the support, the bent end of the J bolt remains hooked around the rebar and cast in concrete. They then serve as an anchor bolt.
Foundation bolts serve to attach objects to concrete structures. You have many types in this category. All have a threaded end where one may attach a washer and nut for fixing the external load.

U-bolts find a use for securing cables, conduits, pipes, and machinery. It has a U shape with threads on both the ends. People use it to secure their foundations and roofs. We define the U-bolt by the material used to make the bolt, the inside height, inside diameter, and the thread dimensions.

MS bolts find many applications and they use it according to the strength specification needed. In the MS bolted joint, the nut applies a clamping force while the shank of the bolt acts as a dowel. This pins the joint sideways to resist the sideways shearing force.

Uses of washers

Washers serve two main purposes. One is to protect the surface against abrasive and damaging forces by spreading the forces over a large surface area. The other is to preserve the security of the connection by ensuring that the nut in the joint remains secure without coming apart. When the joint surface is uneven, the bolt has most chances of coming loose and the joint will open.

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