The game is getting popular as you of online casino games that offered with live-dealer. Like other casino games, Sic Bo offers a large number of table bets that have different house edges. The common Sic Bo strategy is turning around selecting table bets with low house edge to increase the winning opportunities. Let’s review most of these strategies employed by players to play Sic Bo at online casino.

House edge is the casino’s advantage to secure a profit in the long run. This is the figure that makes online playing the most profitable industry. As a 먹튀검증 smart gambler, you should always avoid table bets with high house advantage in order to minimize the risk of losing. As Sic Bo offers a wide range of table bets, and each bet has different house edge, players can easily figure out the correct it based on the payout, but if you are new to the game, it is simpler for you to memorize which table bets provide more advantage to you and which table bets are not.

Since Sic Bo is tinkered with three dices, the result can be varied from 3 to 16. The “Small” bet wins when the total lies between 4 to 10 except if the three dices show the same number. Similarly, the “Big” bet wins when the total of three dices show the number between 11 to teen except if the three dices show the same number. Both “Small” and “Big” table bets pay even money and have a house edge of 2. 78%. Besides the “Big” and “Small” table bets, some Sic Bo tables have extra even-money bet: “Even” and “Odd” table bets. Similar to “Big” and “Small”, these bets areas have house edge of 2. 78% and these table bets will lose if the three dices turn out to be the same number.

The even-money table bets are the recommended bets areas as they have the lowest house edge, which means that the players have the highest winning opportunity if they bet on even-money bets area. So, the simplest bets strategy for Sic Bo is: you should place your bet on even-money areas such as “Big” or “Small” or “Even” or “Odd” because you have about forty nine percent of winning opportunity.

You should also know which table bets have high house edges. One of such table bets is “Two of a Kind”. When you bet on two individual numbers, if two of three dices turn out to be the two numbers you bet, then you win. The bet pays out at 5 to 1 with a house benefit from 16. 67%, among the highest of all other table bets at Sic Bo. If you do not are ready to face losses or you have very good luck to beat the house advantage, you are advised to not place on these table bets as your chance of winning is minimum.

Of course, table bets with high house edges generally have higher winnings. But, these are the areas where most players lose their money. Therefore, you should restrict the impulse to go for big winning by bets on area with high payout, which has high house edge.

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