Though England is the birthplace of cricket the game has gained immense popularity across the globe for the sheer excitement and engaging spectacle incorporated in it. As a matter of fact in many countries like India, Australia etc. cricket is synonymous to the religion. People from all age groups strive most to acquire the latest Cricket News related to the popular cricket stars and also the matches and tournaments.8 things you should keep in mind before planning to start your business

The excitement level reaches the summit when the mega tournament called cricket world cup takes place Grupo Vision
. It is held once in every four years and almost all eminent cricket teams from different countries contest for the World cup. The latest Cricket News says that to meet the growing expectations of the audiences many small world class tournaments have also been initiated. These include the Tea twenty world cup and Twenty-twenty world cup tournaments.

County cricket is another spectacular event that many cricket lovers long for through out the year. The latest Cricket News about the England county cricket tops the chart of the sports news. Many of the popular players fly down to join the various teams which contest each other to win the league. The news updates are featured on televisions and also on the web.

As a matter of fact internet is considered the best resource for the Latest Cricket News. Many people log into the numerous sports websites that feature news related to the games, matches and also the personal details of the cricketers which makes an important part of the Latest Cricket News. It seems everywhere we look there are tons of news articles. We just can’t get away from it. Every time we go to a home page there is another news article. Our television sets now have 24 hour news from CNN. Something that was unheard of only a couple decades ago. We have newspapers, radio, TV, cable, and even the internet news blurbs all day long. Now people have twitter and mobile telephones and they can’t get away from it.

When someone important dies, everyone knows about it in 10 minutes all the way around the world, as they receive instant messages, news alerts, and flash bulletins. So, with all this known how is a writer or an author of online articles able to get ahead? After all, the competition for news is blasted at such a high rate of speed it is almost impossible to compete. By the time you write up a news article there are already 50 articles with the exact same story showing up on Google using specific keywords.

Still, over the years I’ve written over 2500 news and political articles, and I’ve received endless comments and e-mails from them, as well as millions of article views. How did I do it? It’s simple really when you are reading news stories, read four or five in the same venue about the same story. Then recall other similar things that have happened in the past and tie those all together, and then give your opinion of how this affects various aspects of industry and life in our society.

By doing this you are creating commentary and information that is about News Topics, but it isn’t actually the news. Best of all these articles stand as Evergreen articles for long periods of time that help with the human record. Next time, another news event comes out, along the same lines as those before your old article of what happened last time will have new life, giving people a new perspective on an older story. Please consider all this. News releases and economic data releases occur all day long around the world; and it is well known that certain news releases often precede major moves in the forex markets. For example, the us Non-Farm Payroll release (an indicator of unemployment), interest rate decisions (like the FOMC rate releases), manufacturing data, and consumer confidence reports are known for frequently igniting large and rapid moves in the market. Trading the news releases is much trickier than it sounds. Many new traders think that trading a major news release will be a “sure thing. ” This is definitely not so. Times surrounding major news releases are also some of the most volatile times in the market. A trader can place a trade, gain 30 or so pips, and then watch the trade abruptly reverse in the blink of an eye for a loss.

Just like any good strategy, a trader who decides to trade the news should spend some time before the release to determine support and resistance points for the currency pair, and then to determine good entry and exit points. This planning should take place before the news release occurs. In other words, it is never a good idea to wait for a news release and then “jump on the freight train” when you observe it has taken off in a certain direction. If you do this, you can be nearly be assured that you are entering the trade too late. Unfortunately, many new traders try the “jump on the moving freight train” approach at first, only to discover it is a bumpy and perilous ride often ending with surprisingly large and unexpected losses.

The point is, of course, that a well thought out plan and a specific strategy is most certainly needed when trading news releases. One good strategy incorporates a Scalping Strategy together with the Breakout Strategy. Usually, before a major news release, the markets will seem to “pause” for many hours or even an entire day as traders await the release of the data. During these market times, the currency pair will usually stay in a tight consolidation pattern ranging 30 to 40 pips. This provides the perfect opportunity to put on a breakout trade just above or below the current resistance or support points.

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