While Marvel comics shows off its American appeal all across the globe, Manga is easily gaining popularity within the united states. Today’s Manga has been enjoyed by the Japanese culture for over half a century and its popularity in Japan covers all generations MyReadingManga. Manga is a Japanese word for a style of comics that illustrates a certain cinema technique with continuous action, great story lines and characters within the story that have wonderful expressions. In america culture, comics sales are aimed to a certain age group of youngsters while Japanese Manga is aimed at every age group, young and old.

Today’s Manga has its own style of artwork and they particularly have their own style of drawing faces, foreheads, chins, noses, eyes and expressions . You read Manga story books opposite of how English reading countries do. You start reading from the back of the book and you read each page from right to left. Manga is a storytelling style that is also artistic in the way it is done. Great works of art have been published using Manga style techniques and are highly prized in Japanese culture.

The differences with the Japanese style Manga and American comics is in each American comic volume, each comic has its own separate plot. The Manga style will all follow the same plot throughout the life of the Manga volumes. This is why Manga books is sometimes thought of as a graphic novel. Many of the Japanese culture Manga books inner pages are illustrated in black and white drawings and also each volume is serialized within a bound book. In Japan, Manga is either read as a serialized ongoing monthly volume or as a put together novel in a book length completed series as a graphic novel. In the united states today, comics are not respected too much as art or literature. In Japan, Manga is a much respected form of art and literature. Since Manga is well respected in Japan, many of the series find their way into television shows and movies.

With Manga being the ideal media venue to the Japanese culture, it is easier to tell a story about anything you want to your readers. This makes it easy to describe complicated descriptions that matter in a story. Using Manga as a tool to deliver a message as a story is really helping companies realize the power of Manga. If you took the whole years complete sales of American comics against Japanese Manga, the Manga beats out sales of the comics in only 1 weeks time. That is the power of Manga literature. Manga has a reach to all people young to old and in every walk of life. When it comes to anime, most people, especially people of young generation, are so excited, they are so fond of anime. But for some people, they just have no idea about what anime is, well, let us talk about anime together.

Anime is an item that shorts for animation, it’s originated from an Asian country, Japan. Together with anime, there is another very popular item, manga. A lot of people just can not distinguish the difference between anime and manga and they think these two items are the same, the fact is that they are two different items. Anime can be live videos, you may have seen some anime movies before. Anime can be drawn by hands and also by computer. At the beginning, anime is popular among Japanese people, but now it is become a worldwide liked program.

Different from anime, manga is about pictures, you may have read some manga books and in some western countries, people call manga books as comic books. Most manga stories are separated in episodes and they will be presented in manga magazines. There are two common versions of manga, one is the black and white magna and the other is the colorful manga. Some people prefer to read black and white manga as they think it is very comfortable while reading, but there are still some people who are fond of colorful manga since different colors can make them feel interested.

Well, these two items also cause another phenomenon, cosplay. Cosplay now is a fashionable trend among young people, a lot of college students like to cosplay their favorite characters and these characters are mostly form anime and manga. Maybe you will watch a free cosplay show when you are walking on the street.