Sometimes when your cat is ‘talking’ to you, you can get a whiff of some really bad breath. This is especially so if your cat hisses at you for any reason. And bad breath in cats is the same as bad breath in humans, horrible. We can go clean our teeth or use a mouth wash but what about our cats.

Bad breath is caused by the bacteria in the mouth which breaks down the proteins. This breakdown causes sulphur compounds to be released and expelled. In our cats, it is the bacteria found in the build up of tartar on the teeth that creates that awful smell. You can sometimes see tartar on the teeth, it is a build up of food, saliva and bacteria and is hard and yellow. Bad breath can also be caused through tooth decay.

This tartar needs to be removed to eliminate the bad breath your maine coon cat for sale cat has. Now this is easier said than done. If you have been cleaning your cat’s teeth since it was a kitten, you should have no problems. However, this is not something most of us think of when we get our new kitten.

You will need to inspect your cat’s teeth to see what condition they are in. To do this, you need to have your cat sitting on your lap and relaxed. Stroke it gently then casually place your hand on top of your cat’s head, placing the thumb and middle finger right at the corners of your cat’s mouth. Hook these fingers into the mouth slightly, making sure your fingers are close to the molars. Tilt your cat’s head back a little so the nose is pointing up. This will make your cat’s mouth open so you can inspect the teeth. Keep talking gently to your cat while this is happening and holding him gently but firmly. If your cat objects too much, stop immediately and try again another time. It might take a while but your cat will get used to you doing this.

Once you are able to get your cat’s mouth open, look for build up of food, loose, decayed, discoloured or chipped teeth, anything that looks inflamed or is bleeding. Make sure the gums look pink and healthy. This will need to be a quick examination as your cat is not going to enjoy this. And you will need to be very careful as you could be bitten severely if your fingers are in the wrong position.

Cats fed only moist or tinned type foods will need their teeth checked and cleaned more often as these foods lodge in the teeth just as some foods do with us. Feeding your cat dry foods will help prevent the build up of tartar.

If you cat will tolerate you cleaning its teeth, or if you are getting a new kitten, make sure you purchase a soft brush and a cat toothpaste. Never use your own toothpaste for your cat.

Of course if you notice any obvious problems, contact your vet. Be aware that your cat will need a general anaesthetic for any dental work and this cannot be done if you cat is unwell for any reason. You should also contact your vet if your cat has bad breath and you cannot see any obvious dental problems. The bad breath could be due to a medical problem such as liver or kidney disease.

Why not make sure your vet checks your cat’s teeth as part of the routine yearly check up.

Cat bad breath can be a problem but by checking your cat’s teeth on a regular basis, you can help you cat stay healthy.

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