What are hospice services?

Hospice is the concept of catering to the needs of those whose life expectancy has been predicted to be 6 months or less. It is a concept that dates back to the time of the Crusades in the 14th century. Religious orders during that time, however, prevented its growth. Modern hospices came to be during the 1960s, starting in Great Britain. From there, the practice grew and spread to the United States, and parts of Europe and Asia.

Once all efforts to cure the patient of his/her disease have been exhausted, hospice care is recommended. The practice is palliative in nature. Palliative is the field of healthcare that focuses not on curing, but in preventing and reducing the suffering of a patient. This type of care allows the patient to live his or her last days with dignity.

Why and when should we consider hospice?

The idea of being diagnosed with an incurable disease is a tough pill to swallow. For the patient, it’s an overwhelming experience that is difficult to deal with. There is so much uncertainty that comes with knowing you only have a limited amount of time left. While some are intent on treatment in the hopes of curing their disease, most cases don’t end so well. In some cases, continued curative treatment only makes the body weaker.

Hospice services should be considered once a doctor diagnoses inevitability. This means that the doctor has predicted a certain timeframe left for the patient. Hearing news like this will, without a doubt, stir up emotions of fear and sometimes even anger. Once you start entertaining the idea of hospice care, remember that it is not proof of hopelessness. Believe that by making the decision, patients aren’t giving up. Rather, they are taking control by deciding what to do with the remainder of their lives.

Where is hospice care provided?

In most cases, patients choose in home hospice care. Most services provide this option with the understanding that patients would rather be in the privacy of their own homes. If in home hospice care proves to be too strenuous, options such as inns and other facilities may be  hospice in orange county  available as well.

What can I expect from this service?

First of all, you can expect counseling and guidance through you and your loved ones’ trying times. Professionals will help the patient and his/her family members understand and cope with the issues at hand. No one knows the pain endured by someone who knows his or her end is coming. Patients often find themselves dealing with so many previously unrealized frustrations, and that’s something that the treatment method caters to.

Apart from helping relieve all mental and emotional anguish, the practice also highlights the spiritual needs of a person. Patients can expect that through this palliative treatment method, whatever spiritual concerns they have will be attended to. Dealing with grief and bereavement also come later.

While hospice services might sound like a good option from the get go, remember to discuss the topic with care. Make sure that the patient is emotionally prepared to avoid misunderstandings during an already difficult time.