From Belltown to Pioneer Square, from the Waterfront to the International District, downtown Seattle has an ideal neighborhood for everyone. Living in a condo in downtown Seattle is the perfect solution for those looking to live right in the heart of such a booming district Lentor Hills Residences. With easy access to every downtown neighborhood, not to mention such incredible outer lying neighborhoods as Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, and the University District, downtown Seattle condos give residents the ability to live right in the middle of Seattle. The types of condos available vary depending on location and price, but the positives of living in the downtown area remain the same no matter what your budget or preferred condo style.

With a wide variety of shopping opportunities available, the retail district of downtown Seattle boasts some amazing choices of condos – all within close proximity to the best stores Seattle has to offer! Architectural styles in this area range from structural expressionism to Victorian-style, and everything in between. The Four Seasons Private Residences, for example, offer breathtaking views of the Elliot Bay Seattle waterfront and the Olympic Mountains. Want to experiences the views first hand? No problem! Getting to the waterfront itself requires merely a brisk, five-minute walk. While you’re there, be sure to take a stroll down by the piers, or stop in at the world-renowned Pacific Science Center for a look at their lovable sea otters.

Belltown condos are some of the most breathtaking in the city. Located in the heart of downtown, they are all within walking distance of such wonderful Seattle sights as the Pike Place Market, the 5th Avenue Theatre, and the Westlake Center Shopping Centre. The available condos in this area range from inexpensive to luxurious, with prices offered everywhere in between. Many, such as the Alexandria Building, offer exceptional architectural design. In the case of the French-inspired Alexandria, a wonderful display of “Wuthering Heights” vignettes greets visitors before they enter the building. On the more affordable end of the spectrum are the Royal Crest Condos. Built in the 1970s, these condos offer a convenient location for those who want to be close to everything downtown Seattle, but don’t want to break the bank. But don’t be fooled, these condos still have all the amenities. The fourth “Plaza” floor boasts an outdoor swimming pool, saunas, and a furnished party room.

Seattle’s very first neighborhood, Pioneer Square is an area that has somehow managed to escape the influx of new residents of downtown Seattle’s other districts. The area boasts an array of condo choices, with styles that vary from Richardsonian Romanesque, (many of them Victorian reinterpretations of the style, built to make up for the destruction of the majority of the wooden buildings in the area due to the Great Seattle Fire), to Second Renaissance-Revival, and Beaux Arts Classical. The majority of the historical buildings in the area are of Romanesque design, giving the whole area a much more “uniform” feel than many of Seattle’s other neighborhoods. Pioneer Square’s tapestry of small bookstores, art galleries, bars and coffee shops make this an area that is somehow both up-and-coming, yet filled with historical relevance. The area boasts such elegant condo choices as the Nord, which was built after the Great Seattle Fire, and originally served as a hotel.

Whether you’re looking for a structural expressionism condo in downtown Seattle’s retail district, a luxurious Belltown condo, or a Romanesque condo in Pioneer Square, downtown Seattle condos have something for everyone to enjoy. And with new developments being built every day, the opportunities just keep getting better. When looking for a community to buy a home or condo in there are a great deal of factors that one needs to evaluate. What amenities are in the area? How close is it to the downtown core? What types of schools are close by? These are all examples of things you should keep in find when searching for a place to live. Another question is what type of recreational activities are easily accessible to the community? The point of this article is to go over the types of recreational activities available to residents of North York Condos.

One of the many recreational activities that are available for residents of community is Golf. Located just north of Sheppard Avenue is the Don Valley Golf course, an 18-hole facility that is one of the Toronto’s highest rated and regarded courses. Although this well known course is located in an urban area it does offer breathtaking scenery and spectacular golfing. Because the course is located in the Don Valley it allows players to feel as though they are in the middle of the country side despite the fact that in the hills surrounding the course is the busy North York area. The course is fairly difficult and offers something to both new and experienced golfers. Like most golf courses it is equip with a licensed restaurant and a pro shop. The best part of the Don Valley Golf course is its close proximity to any North York Condo.

Another great recreational facility that is close to North York Condos is the Douglas Snow Aquatic Center. The Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre is located north of Sheppard Avenue on the west side of Yonge Street at the York Civic Centre subway stop. There are dozens of North York condos in the area surrounding the center. The Douglas Snow Aquatic center has a 50 metre pool that houses recreational swim programs for swimmers of all skill levels and ages. The center offers swimming lessons, lane swimming and other instructional options.

Since most of the condos in North York are relatively new most of them house their own private pools or gyms. These recreational facilities are open exclusively to residents of the North York condo and offer a variety of cardio and weight training equipment. The size and offerings of the recreational facilities usually is dependent on the size of the condo building. Some large buildings have such advanced facilities that they offer spin classes, yoga classes or even palates classes. If you prefer working out in a professionally run gym in the area is also home to its fair share of those as well. In fact there is a Goodlife Fitness located in Sheppard center at the heart of North York. The Don Valley Golf course and Douglas Snow Aquatic Center are only a few of the many recreational facilities available to residents of North York condos. No matter what you’re recreational preferences chances are York region has you covered.