Motorcycle custom painting has come a long way over the custom painting with diamonds. People like to put their own personal touch on their motorcycle. It can make it feel like you have a new bike. Back in the day, red and yellow flame on a black paint job was the thing. In the sixties freak drops and murals.

Today about anything goes, except for the freak drops. I could see it working on a ’68 volts wagon van. I particularly like to put a design or mural on top of the base color and then clear over it with the candy. The mural or design is now buried inside the candy. This is my favorite type of motorcycle custom painting. This kind of tones it down and gives it get some class, instead of jumping out at you. Sometimes, that is fine, like on an old hot rod. With the old style, red and yellow flames would be right on!

Murals are not as popular as they used to be, but some people still find them appealing and may have a reason for them or a meaning. Two tones are very popular. They usually have a pinstripe separating the colors. Sometimes even two or three pinstripes separate the two colors. Pinstripes alone done in ovals on both sides of the tank are popular. They can be done with multiple stripes and multiple colors. Pinstripe’s flames can be done along with the ovals or all by themselves. Old-style flames of red and yellow can be done usually with an outline. Real fire or true fire is built up with many layers. You put on a light color flame, then put candy on top that is a darker color similar to the background color. Then you repeat that several more times. Flames can be done with many different colors, usually to match the background, but not always.

Painting flames in Pearl are very nice. What I call ghost flames are painting a solid flame just a very slight shade difference than the background color. There are trick colors. Chameleon shows different colors at different angles. Candy colors that are put over a base color, and you can see through the candy just like a candy apple.

There are pearls, metal flakes and other custom paints. As you see motorcycle custom painting can be done in an endless variety of ways. Everyone has seen different types of custom paint jobs and has different preferences of the way they would have things done.