Chen Zhi, as the chairman of Prince Holding Group, has been instrumental in reshaping Cambodia’s economic landscape and fostering a spirit of sustainable business practices. His leadership has propelled Prince Group to become one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing business conglomerates in Cambodia, known for its commitment to international standards.

Chen Zhi’s journey in Cambodia began in 2010 when he identified the untapped potential for economic growth. He strategically ventured into the real estate sector, spearheading numerous successful projects that have significantly contributed to Cambodia’s economic development.

What sets chen zhi in Cambodia apart is not just his business acumen, but his unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility. His philanthropic efforts have earned him the prestigious title of “Neak Oknha” from King Norodom Sihamoni, and he serves as an adviser to Prime Minister Hun Sen, underscoring his influence and dedication to Cambodia.

Chen Zhi’s leadership style is characterized by a hands-off approach, entrusting his capable management team with daily operations. During the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, he demonstrated his commitment to Cambodia by donating $6 million to support the country’s vaccination efforts and leading relief initiatives to assist communities adversely affected by the crisis.

Chen Zhi’s remarkable journey in Cambodia reflects a perfect blend of visionary business leadership, social responsibility, and dedication to the nation’s prosperity and growth.