Today, most portable devices as well as a good number of electronic devices all come equipped with Bluetooth. In fact, the numbers of devices today that are pre installed with a Bluetooth serial adapter are truly mind-blowing. You might be amazed at what all can be done with this technology, which is perhaps the reason bluetooth module  why so many companies have incorporated it without particularly thinking too much about the cost of implementation or even if it is going to be useful or not. Simply having the Bluetooth logo today is a guarantee that the product will sell in decent volumes.

One of the main applications of Bluetooth happens to in the world of audio. If you seen someone using a wireless headset, then chances are that they are most likely using Bluetooth technology with it. Consequently, Bluetooth is a reliable way of going with wireless audio. In fact, you even have Bluetooth stereo headsets today that make use of this technology. For many people, it is quite an unbelievable thing to have stereo wireless headsets but this has actually become a reality with the modern versions of this particular technology.

If your portable device does not have Bluetooth, don’t worry about it as it is possible to get it installed even after purchasing the device. In fact, investing in a decent Bluetooth adapter today will hardly cost you anything and you can have it doing all of the things that the device would have done had you purchased it with an integrated Bluetooth module. This is something to keep in mind and perhaps a worthwhile purchase, if you are still in split minds about it. The costs are minimal and you can easily buy the device for a really good price.

Hence, considering the sheer number of areas that you can see the use of this technology, it can be quite challenging to define a Bluetooth device as such. You don’t have to really look far and wide to search for applications and potential use of the technology. It has come to the point wherein you can take it for granted that the hardware which you might be interested to buy does in fact have Bluetooth integrated with it. At least this corollary holds good for cell phones, where it has become an industry de-facto. Any reputed cell phone manufacturer today will not sell the device without first making sure that it has Bluetooth on it.