According to a general perception, a Startup or a fledgling Company must avoid unnecessary risks. In keeping with the image of a non-risk taker, everything that is untried or a ‘secondary’ choice is advised to be avoided. The idea of ‘experimenting’ with a B2B marketplace or including a competent B2B portal as a marketing and promotional option is just that- a secondary choice that deviates from the initial plan. But really, is this a prudent idea? Can a Startup or SME ignore the B2B marketplace?

In 2012, sources reported that Business to Business (B2B) trading has definitely evened up its influence against Business to Consumers (B2C) trading. Marketing surveys have revealed that Facebook has marked itself as a preferred B2C agent while LinkedIn has risen as the decisive B2B Marketplace. However, businesses, esp. Startups and SMEs will benefit better if aligned with a dedicated B2B portal that includes all the professional tools for the business to be promoted and marketed properly. An SME cannot usually afford to try far-reaching promotional ideas that aren’t costly without a serious investment of time, resources and ideation. On a resourceful B2B portal however, the ideation and resources are readily available- the investment of time is very minimal inclusive of the basic setup and subsequent network building and followups- and the cost of getting on-board many of these B2B marketplace is very minimal considering the various services on offer.

A Startup or SME is on the sharp lookout for prospective customers and serious reception of its projected interest. The vast exporters and importers directory as harboured by a good B2B portal is an ideal place to attract this response. The B2B marketplace allows for free exchange of ideas and the formation of reliable trade partnerships. A Startup or SME is bound to find this ease of customer interest acquisition to its immense advantage, as it allows the company to work on its basics while not being overly concerned about its promotional requirements. A good B2B portal is akin to Facebook for the general masses- the Company can seek out its intended contacts from a comprehensive B2B directory and form lasting partnerships through online and offline interactions.

Competent B2B portal provides your business that additional advantage. Listed alongside the exporters and importers directory is a comprehensive listing of Transporters and other Business service providers. After a deal is accepted upon through the B2B portal, the choice Transporters can be selected to ship the cargo from the exporters to the importers. An array of additional business related services can be arranged by consulting these service providers from the B2B directory. A good B2B portal allows the seamless completion of a trading opportunity without a massive reliance on an external agency.

B2BMAP is the B2B marketplace for your business

Finally and most importantly, a good B2B portal introduces a Startup or SME to newer mediums and modes of business generation and promotion, rather than concentrating on its core B2B marketplace responsibilities. Progressive B2B portals achieve this requirement through constant R&D that focusses on including many assisting services under their banner, suggesting additional business openings (apart from the obvious), inviting the business to interactive sessions and tradeshows as also providing the assurance of authenticity in inter-website trading by thoroughly verifying the credentials as provided by all the listed members.

Of course, the landscape for a Startup or SME is filled with latent potential and encouraging promises. However, just as that classic saying goes ‘Trust in God but tie your Camel’, your Startup or SME needs the promise of a dominant B2B portal’s reach and ability to crunch those crucial business goals.

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