A good deal of hype has been surrounding LED televisions of late which beg many questions: Are they really better, are they worth the money, do they provide a better picture? A good starting point might be to find out exactly what a LED television is and how it differs from televisions that have been available on the market for some time. In short people might be excited about the idea of a LED television without a great deal of knowledge about what they are and how how to get daily wire on samsung smart tv they work, this article will aim at answering both of those questions.

First off, a LED television is essentially the same thing as a LCD television. The LED moniker essentially refers to the backlight element to a new variety of LCD television. So when you are talking about a LCD television you should know that what you are really talking about is simply a variation on the traditional LCD television. LED televisions replace the traditional fluorescent backlighting elements with LED lighting which does provide some advantages that we will speak of below.

LED televisions undoubtedly offer some pretty neat features but do they justify the high price tag? To answer that question we will first have to decide whether a LCD television is what you want at all. If you want a television that is the least money for the size and provides perhaps the most vivid colors including the richest blacks than you may in actuality prefer a plasma screen television. This option may fly out the window if you are planning to use the television in a bright room as plasma televisions tend to produce a lot of glare. This is one of the primary advantages of a LCD television, namely that LCD televisions can be viewed more easily in higher light conditions than their plasma alternatives. Of course whatever the LCD can do the LED will do as well, so you will be getting a good higher light television that will also offer compact size and power saving ability over the typical plasma television. Another advantage of the LED model is that you will see an increase in the balance of color saturation as well as less leakage during low light scenes.

Before you decide to buy a LED unit you will want to check out both Edge Lighting and Full Array units. LED televisions come in two different formats as named above that will provide somewhat different viewing experiences: Edge Lighting units can be thinner, while Full Array will likely provide more control over light and color in the picture at the cost of a little extra bulk. So if your heart is set on a LED television than you should check out standard LCD televisions side-by-side with their newer counterparts and see if there is a noticeable difference that you are willing to pay for. If you decide that the LED unit is absolutely what you want, then also compare both types of LED televisions to see which one provides you with the options and control that you desire.