There is nothing wrong when comes to advertising. It provides solutions to certain problems, allows people to access product and service that can meet their needs, and people can make money out of it. It is especially true when comes to blog. On the Internet today, people can start a blog and write something easily and immediately. Advertising on Internet with blog is considered as a cheap online advertising method.

However, if you are doing “too much” on advertising, you will end up driving away your original blog traffic. Certainly you do not want this to happen, especially if you have already had good traffic on your blog and want to make some money by advertising. Here are three main mistakes that bloggers may make when they advertise in their blog on the Internet.

Respecting Advertisers Guidelines

You may think that putting as many ads as possible on your blog can help both your advertiser and you. After all, advertisers want their ads to be exposed to as many people as possible. However, your advertiser may put your name on their blacklist just because you did that! kompostownik z palet 

It is because advertiser have their guidelines on the number of ads you can place on every single web page. Generally speaking, placing 3 to 5 ads on one page is enough but, it all depends on advertiser’s guidelines. If you want to keep a good relationship with your advertising partner or affiliate manager, read their policies and respect them.

Avoid becoming Spam Blog

Your blog will become “spam blog” if it contains nothing more than ads on page after page, and there is only a few or even no content. It is because advertising too much on a single blog page will distract your visitors from your main content. Your blog should be a content provider rather than an advertising machine. If your blog

Too many choices

Imagine if there are 10 or even 15 ads on a single blog page at the same time, distributed all over the computer screen, what do you think? The main problem in a blog that have too many ads is that visitors will be heavily confused. And what you can expect from a confused visitors? Neither will they click on your ads nor buy anyth