Before you write that “pitch” for your next affiliate marketing sales letter, read this.

There are six separate topics to a great sales letter, the first one of which is product awareness.

You begin by educating your potential customer to the existence of your product or service. Product awareness, the first step, is written as an informative style where the reader is introduced to you and to your service or product. The concept here is to inform. This may be the very first contact you have with new customers or clients. This is your introduction. Establish your product or service with an easy to read narrative style.

The second step is product knowledge where you provide the reader with an informative essay discussing the attributes of your product or service. Your potential customer or client will likely decide at this step if they are going to read more of your pitch, so make it good!

The third step is the place to pause and give the reader a chance to decide if they like what they are reading. It is time for a brief summary of your sales pitch to this point. You are coaxing the reader to embrace a positive outlook towards your product or service.

The fourth step is to compare what life looks like for the reader without your product or service. Ask them to compare your product or service to what they are currently using. Tell them how their life with your product or service will change for the better. You need to get the reader to accept your statement that your product or service is the best answer to their needs, wants or desires.

The fifth step is where you ask the pay for essay reddit reader to make a commitment to purchase. Sometimes writing this step in the form of a question is useful. A review of features should be written. If the potential customer or client has read this far you are likely to get the sale at step six.

The sixth step is the actual purchase step where all of your hard work pays off. You may want to urge the reader to accept a trial version of your product or service. A money back guarantee, a bonus item if they purchase now, a discount at the front end are all methods to get the sale.