When two people meet, sometimes, neither of them are experts at kissing, it can take many dates before they finally kiss, and you can learn some great French kissing tips that are so memorable in the process.

Watching TV and movies, you can get an idea of the differences that can happen on a first kiss. Everything from Scarlett and Rhett, in Gone with the wind, where romance was hot and she was left breathless, to the comic scenes of teenagers getting caught kissing their hands show the range of kissing styles.

These French kissing tips are the top five that I learned.


If you seem overly eager, you are going to push the other person away. Getting to know someone as a person creates desire, and spending some extra time to build anticipation are a key in the perfect kiss. Never kiss just for experience at kissing – it’s the feelings for each other that make a kiss truly special.


If you are going out with someone you like, make sure you have stashed a toothbrush or mints where they will be handy. Find an excuse to freshen your breath “just in case” the moment happens. You don’t want to miss that magical moment.

No matter how long you have been seeing someone, download 918kiss 2023 it’s always nicer to kiss them with a fresh breath – this isn’t just French kissing tips! It’s a relationship saver.


When the natural moment happens, you will want to angle your head and moisten your lips to get ready – just don’t moisten too much! You don’t want to slobber on the other person. Make sure to close your eyes and then let it happen. By angling your head you can avoid a nose-collision, and closed eyes once the kiss starts are nice so you can relax and enjoy the kiss.


French kissing tips often include the “how to French kiss”, but will neglect to tell you that you want to start slow. A French kiss should start with a gentle closed mouth kiss, that will gradually build into an open mouth kiss. Once you become more comfortable with your partner, you can begin to explore more intimate French kissing tips that will help you master the art.